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Charles Taube


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After 28 years as a professional carpenter and owning a successful business building entry doors an gates for custom homes, Charles's life took an interesting turn. In 1996 as one of the founding members of "Southwest Woodies" (an antique car club dedicated to the preservation of the "Woodie Automobile"), Charles created his first hardwood sculpture given as an award to their show winner.

In August of 1997, Charles suffered a serious accident affecting the use of his left hand and arm. Three operations and hours of physical therapy left him with the loss of 70% use of his left hand. However, while searching for some meaning of the life he had before the accident, with his right hand, Charles created a second sculpture. Many more followed.

Self taught, Charles's contemporary free-flowing hardwood sculptures are uniquely individual in themselves. Each sculpture composes distinction in one or more various hardwoods. He carefully selects kiln-dried hardwood with special grain patterns and color. He cuts, laminates, and shapes each created form smooth, applies several layers of clear finish, color-sands the finish, then polishes the sculpture. He signs, dates, applies felt to the base and the sculpture begins to "sing" in its completion of movement, form, and natural color.

"I envision each sculpture, bring it to life, and my spirit is set free."
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