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Ray Lewis


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Ray Lewis, sculptor and designer, was born and raised on his grandfather's small farm in Oregon. From childhood, he began to carve in wood. His subjects were the domestic and wild animals by his home. After his World War II service in the Air Force, he took training on the G.I. Bill at the Chicago Art Institute, majoring in Fine Arts and Industrial Arts.

Finally, with schooling behind him, he began designing for offices, restaurants, nightclubs, churches, and homes. This work soon came to include furnishings. Before long, Ray became known for his highly original furniture and carved wall sculptures. As a freelance designer, he was able to carry on a custom design career, while continuing to design commercially. His commercial accounts included Thomas Organ and large furniture and lamp companies, sometimes ten at a time.

When Ray retired from commercial designing, it was to inaugurate his Fauna Collection - Ray's chairs of animal motifs, hand-sculpted in wood and then sand-cast in aluminum. He always donated a portion of the earnings to animal and wildlife causes.


Fauna Collection has been featured in galleries across the country, and at the Atlantic International Museum of Art and Design.

The Eagle Chair garnered the Niche Award for Sculpture at the Trump Plaza event.

Eight Eagle Chairs were featured in the Buena Vista motion picture Aspen Extreme.

A Ferrari dealer saw the Impala Chair and bought one for his showroom, his ad reading, "Impala & Ferrari, a Handsome Couple."
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