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Cal Bosch


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All my life I have had a love for art.

As a small child I wanted to do all the paint by number kits - until one day a friend that I babysat for handed me a starter kit for oil paints and said "no more numbers, here is the real thing." I was then fortunate enough to take some lessons from a woman that lived in my neighborhood who instructed me in using oils to paint still-lifes and landscapes.

My childhood friend's grandmother, Florence Eubanks, was an artist and had a huge impact on my creative abilities. During one fun-filled summer, we traveled to her home in the south where I continued my lessons.

I always had an eye for the beauty in all art forms and objects. My sense of color, my talent, and my hands-on ability have given me an inborn desire to create bead-work jewelry and art. Though I consider myself a self-taught artist, I have been fortunate enough to study under three nationally acclaimed bead artists after learning the beginnings of the art form.

Paula Adams, who instructed me on how to create dimensional forms and helped me take my beading to many different levels.

Margo Fields was another influence in my life. It was she who taught me wonderful stitches and forms of jewelry. Margo is an award winning artist who has been featured in numerous publications throughout the United States.

Under Bobbie Yoakum's tutelage, I learned loom work in different creative forms.

All three of these women have been sought after for their beautiful expressions and teachings and their unique bead talents. Every class that they have offered always filled in advance.

These three women who are all very talented have taught me so much, and for that I am very thankful. I have been able to be part of creating such beautiful work with many colors and wonderful beads from all over the world. I am currently in the process of designing my first line of Oregon Sunstone jewelry.

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