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Gary Richmond - Oregon Sunstone Jewelry


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Gary Richmond is the chief jeweler and designer for Woodmoore & Gray Jewelers, a subsidiary of Desert Sun Mining & Gem inc. Gary is an experienced and talented goldsmith and silversmith with 35 years in the jewelry business. Starting in Glen Ellen California, in the Sonoma Valley, Gary began his career with courses in secondary school and has made jewelry design and repair his career ever since.

He left California and traveled to Enid, Oklahoma where he spent 10 years designing for Cecil's Jewelers. While in Oklahoma he became quite proficient in the design of Southwestern jewelry. Upon leaving Oklahoma, Gary journeyed to Portland, Oregon where he designed and repaired jewelry for Zell Bros. & Associate Jewelers.

Gary joined Woodmoore & Gray approximately 1 ½ years ago and in addition to his normal jeweler duties he spends a lot of time working one-on-one with customers on special designs and settings. He has become an expert in designing with Oregon Sunstone and many of his pieces are beginning to be shown up and down the West Coast and have been sold to customers on the East Coast and in Europe.

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