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Charles Pabst

Limited Editions

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To learn more about Charles Pabst and to view Charles' original works, please navigate to the paintings portion of the artist gallery.

This is just a small offering of the limited edition giclees that are available. Please contact us to obtain a portfolio.


Giclee is a French word meaning, "the spraying of ink." A realistic reproduction of Pabst's work is made by spraying archival ink directly onto artist canvas. Pabst selects his best originals as "Master Images." These images are then photographed and scanned to a digital file. After Pabst's input and approval, the ink is applied directly to artist canvas. Each giclee is hand embellished, giving it the look and feel of the original. A final coating is then applied to protect the artwork from moisture and UV rays ensuring the collector of the highest quality reproduction.

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