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Robin Evans


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Growing up as the daughter of a brilliant visual artist, my art education began in my youth. During
these early years my high energy personality eagerly emerged and as a result my parents and I also
found it essential for me to be physically active thus I trained in dance and gymnastics.
Later on, I immersed myself in a variety of art mediums from middle school through college. Born
from fine art roots, I am motivated by line, color and composition and drawn to texture, balance and
detail. The many years of dance and gymnastics training have also granted me with an acute
perception of form and movement.
Glass has been my medium of choice for 10 years. I move seamlessly from creating multi-layered
sculptural kiln formed glass objects to functional glass mosaic sculptural pieces and I am devoted to
every facet of the process.
My kiln formed glass and my glass mosaic art are born from my love of classical design principles,
what I see around me as I observe the world with my creative eye and my fascination of nature
merging with man-made structures. As I run early in the morning, I take in the sounds of silence,
movement of clouds and rustling of leaves on lone roads in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies.
Robin Evans
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