05/05/2005 -- Baby Grand Piano Adds to Ambiance of New Art Gallery

A landmark aquarium is being transformed into a new art gallery - complete with its own Baby Grand piano - in Depoe Bay.

The Silver Heron Gallery received delivery of the piano on Tuesday. It is a gallery-warming gift from friends and parents of Talley Woodmark, the gallery's owner.

"The piano is a unique artistic addition to the Silver Heron" Woodmark said. "It is one of the essential elements in my design of the gallery. I can already hear the melody of the piano gently flowing through the gallery like an ocean wave."

The Weber piano can render beautiful music even without a pianist. It has an electronic piano disk system that accepts either CDs or floppy discs - an updated version of the old player piano.

The gallery is in the building that once housed the Depoe Bay Aquarium. Built in 1926, it was the oldest operating aquarium in the country when it closed a few years ago.

"We had 2,000 people a day coming to see the seals." Woodmarks said. Her husband owned and operated the aquarium from the 1970s until it closed.

Now the Woodmarks own and operate several businesses in Depoe Bay that will soon include the Silver Heron Gallery.

The gallery will feature contemporary flat art and sculpture as well as jewelry. A wine bar on the second floor opens up onto a deck that provides a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

"The setting blends beautifully to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for artists, admirers, and collectors alike." Woodmark said.

The gallery is now accepting art submissions from local and national artists. Interested artists may contact Woodmark at the Silver Heron Gallery, PO Box 109, Depoe Bay, Ore. 97341.

Woodmark also plans to start a program called Artful Dreams that would provide hands-on art experiences for High School and middle school children at the gallery.

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