04/19/2007 -- Silver Heron Soars

DEPOE BAY - As Depoe Bay continues to cater to a more upscale clientele, Talley Woodmark's Silver Heron Gallery reaches new heights!

It took a while to build, but the end product is well worth the wait. Open space with excellent lighting makes the gallery the perfect backdrop for fine art. The space does not overpower the
art - it greatly enhances the pieces on display. You'd never know it today, but the Silver Heron occupies Depoe Bay's oldest building. Built in 1925 by H.L. Collins, it housed the old aquarium to serve as a tourist attraction designed to promote and sell real estate. John Woodmark bought the operation in 1978. When the aquarium closed forever in 1999, it was the oldest privately owned aquarium in the country. Then the real work began. The first step was to remove the massive filtration system. That required removal of a wall so that a giant crane could lift the system out intact. The filtration device was donated by the Woodmarks to the City of Yachats and remains in use there today. The fine finish work then began to convert the Silver Heron into the fine space it is today. This winter, a series of special events introduced the gallery to at least eight groups. Now, with the hiring of Associate Director Carrie Philpott, the Silver Heron is ready to cater to the general public on a regular basis. The gallery is now open five days a week, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., closed Tuesday and Wednesday. The Silver Heron will go to a seven-day schedule from Memorial Day to Salmon Bake weekend. Enhancing the every day schedule will be two or three special events a month with artists in attendance. The gallery now features 75 Oregon, national and international artists. The latest addition is jewelry by local artist Lori Green who also owns Scribbles in the Marketplace at Salishan. Local designer Jaci McKim's jewelry is also prominently featured. The Silver Heron's scope extends far beyond the gallery walls. In addition to the basics like framing, they specialize in corporate art, consultation and leasing of art and will rent out the gallery for private parties and special events. You'll see their works on display at Re-Max Real Estate. The gallery works hand in hand with the Lincoln County School District on an extensive youth program. They provide residencies for artists' retreats, with a portion of the works created donated to the Wade J. Woodmark Foundation. Housing accommodations are donated to grieving families. They will also provide lodging for clients and artists. In short, the Silver Heron is a very good neighbor. Talley Woodmark is no novice in the art business. The Silver Heron is her fourth gallery. Previously she has operated two in Texas and a Utah gallery as well. She brings 20 years as a corporate art broker to the table. For more information, call Talley or Carrie Philpott at 765-2886. If you haven't been to the Silver Heron, stop by today. The pieces currently being shown are magnificent. And the Silver Heron Gallery is a work of art unto itself!

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