05/20/2008 -- Mining Green

Mining Green

As The only stone in the world with embedded particles of copper, the sunstone is spectacular enough. But even as Desert Sun Mining & Gems pulls the salmon red, spruce green and other multi-colored stones from the earth, the mining company is mindful to take care of the planet they come from. Using green mining practices at their ponderosa mine in southeastern Oregon, Talley and John Woodmark ensure every stone on display at their Silver Heron and Blue Heron galleries has a heritage they and buyers can be proud of. "There's so much going on in the gem world right now, with some stones being treated or rolled in glass," Talley said. She know buyers take comfort in the fact that every stone on display, whether it sits alone or is a part of a handcrafted piece of jewelry, is as pristine as the day it came out of the mine. That's why not only is the Ponderosa the only sunstone mine in the world that supplies the single-colored and multi-colored stones the Woodmarks use, but its the mine that produced the sunstones that inspired state leaders to same the gems Oregon's state gemstone.

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