08/30/2008 -- Depoe Bay "Goes Postal" With New Book

Almost everyone in Depoe Bay knows Tanya York. And Tanya York knows almost everyone in Depoe Bay - by name and address. As the former postmistress (or postmaster, as she prefers to be called) of the Depoe Bay Post Office, York spent over eight years memorizing everyone's name, face, post office box, physical address and idiosyncrasies. It was the latter, which culminated in a written treatise on the combination of humor, satire, inspiration, cynicism and frustration which sometimes causes those in the workplace to "go postal." On Saturday, Aug. 30, the Silver Heron Gallery in Depoe Bay will host a special champagne reception to commemorate the release of York's new book, "And I Didn't Even Shoot! - Memoirs of a Postmaster."

One evening, she saw a news report about someone who shot a co-worker. She said thought to herself that many people in many different lines of work - including postal workers - get annoyed, but they don't shoot anyone. That night she said dreamed that she was telling a friend about some of the things that had happened to her in her career, and commented that she didn't even shoot. In her dream, the friend told York she should write a book about not shooting anyone. She said awoke the next morning to the thoughts of her years of mental notes and inspirations, and she began to pursue writing her book in earnest. With pre-order sales now exceeding 500, York said she grows more excited each day as the date for the book's release quickly approaches.

The finishing touches on any work of art always take the longest, and York's book was no exception. She contacted her talented grandson, Joseph Chang in Los Angeles, who recently completed a full-length animated film for the Wayans Brothers and was previously involved with the animation for the "Curious George" movie. He said he delighted in designing all of the book's illustrations. Then her friend, Talley Woodmark, who owns the Silver Heron Gallery where Tanya helps out part-time, suggested putting one of Depoe Bay's trademark spouting horns on the cover, and Jaci McKim brought the final design to life with a photo she had taken on Christmas 2003. "It was perfect!" said York.

"And I Didn't Even Shoot! - Memoirs of a Postmaster" retails for $10. To reserve a copy, call the Silver Heron Gallery at 765-2886 or visit the gallery at 15 SE Bay Street in Depoe Bay.

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