07/22/2009 -- Rhythm & Hues

Acclaimed painter Law Wai Hin, best known for his fine art ­watercolors and ­acrylics ­depicting compelling ­landscapes and still life, has a recent ­favorite subject now showing up in his work: the Oregon coast.

Law Wai Hin, award-winning painter, graduate of the Hong Kong Fine Arts Academy and former teacher at the Chinese ­University in Hong Kong, is now a full time ­professional artist who exhibits his work around the world and calls Canada his home. "It took me a long time to adjust to the new culture and ­environment," he said. Using the knowledge gained from Asian and Western cultures, Law's style now integrates a blending of cultures that honors both his creative roots and where he is today. Look closely and you will see this subtle East-West balance in the combinations of his transparent, yet intense color; delicate, yet confident brushwork; vivid, yet graceful lines.

Throughout his more than 50 years as a painter, Law Wai Hin has worked with a variety of materials. "Watercolors," he said, "were always close to my heart. The process of watercolor creation presents many challenges, like addressing overlapping colors, removing excess paint and controlling a precise level of dampness." Law seems to have mastered the techniques using what he calls an Oriental painting technique of brush work, touch, rhythm and movement.

For the beginner who wants to dive into the world of watercolors, Law Wai Hin offers this advice: "Learn some basic traditional techniques. This way, regardless of working in abstract or realism, the knowledge of the traditional techniques will be very helpful."

It's true the Oregon coast is showing up in Law Wai Hin's work, but his work is showing up on the Oregon coast, as well. Silver Heron Gallery in Depoe Bay now represents Law Wai Hin, much to the delight of gallery owner, Talley Woodmark. "We currently have over 15 of his pieces available," said Woodmark, "in sizes ranging from one foot square to 30 by 40 inches." Silver Heron Gallery is located at 15 SE Bay Street in Depoe Bay, (541) 765-2886.

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