11/15/2009 -- Past & Present

Charles Huckeba re-creates ancient rock art in his mixed-media work.

Contemporary painter Charles Huckeba captures the spirit of ancient American Indian rock art that was typically painted or etched onto rock surfaces by tribal shaman and elders. Huckeba uses rich color and found objects such as stones, sand, bits of string and fabric, even buttons and zippers to create complicated textures and imagery reminiscent of what one might very well find on the wall of a sacred cave. "Rock art," states Huckeba," is the first American abstract art." With his inspired re-creations, Huckeba, who has studied ancient pictographs and petroglyphs first hand, attempts to create a tangible connection between the beginnings of the art form and contemporary mixed-media art. Silver Heron Gallery in Depoe Bay has been representing Huckeba for nearly two years and recently hosted a reception for the artist at which several new works were unveiled. The gallery is now featuring many new pieces from Huckeba ranging in size from small 9 by 12-inch pieces to very large works. "Capital Reef Fremont," (pictured here) is 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide and is priced at $1900. Silver Heron Gallery is located at 15 SE Bay Street in Depoe Bay, (541) 765-2886.

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