04/01/2010 -- Designing an Art Wall

Designing an art wall in your home can pose challenges, but fear not! Following a few simple guidelines can help you transform an empty space into an inspiring focal point. Ensuring a successful design is simply a matter of making a few choices: choose your style, choose your colors, choose your arrangement.

Remember that you need not narrow your choice of style to one particular style only. Whether you like traditional or contemporary, casual or romantic, there is no rule which states you cannot intermix more than one to create an eclectic look which is truly your own. To best bring your own personality to your home decor, choose pieces that speak to your heart, as they will best portray that personality to all who enter.

No one element best depicts the mood of a space more than its color. Always consider both the background against which your art will be set, in addition to the color(s) in the artwork itself. Yellows bring sunshine inside while promoting warm conversation and good cheer, pinks are calming, and reds and oranges stimulate energy, great for areas of physical activity and social interaction or dining. Green is the color of prosperity, blues promote unity, and purple is often used in creative or spiritual settings. And never forget that, in many instances, nothing promotes art better than a background of neutral colors or natural wood.
There are many arrangements from which to choose when hanging multiple pieces of art. Whether you favor a modern gallery look - particularly good in hallways or foyers - a cluster arrangement, stair-stepped art, or pieces hung all in a row, always consider the angle or height from which the art will be viewed. Art should be hung at eye level - especially important in a room where most present will be seated.

Whether you choose your art first and design your room around it, or you're simply looking for a piece to decorate a wall above the sofa, making the right choices before you begin will make designing your art wall a breeze, and the finished product will easily become the focal point of any room. - by Talley Woodmark

Published in: Coast Explorer Q2 2010

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